Celebrating female founders and amplifying their profile.


We held our first ever AccelerateHER Showcase in March 2021 to celebrate International Women’s Day. Sponsored by CGI UK, attendees heard pitches from four female founders in the AccelerateHER Network.

We were also joined by Lindsay McGranaghan, Vice President, Business Unit Lead Scotland at CGI and AccelerateHER CEO and Founder, Jackie Waring, who discussed the International Women’s Day 2021 message “Choose to Challenge”.

March 2021: Showcase Founders

Sheila Hogan

Sheila Hogan, Founder and CEO. Biscuit Tin is a technology innovator disrupting and transforming the way we handle end of life planning and life closedown.

Monika Tomecka

Monika Tomecka, Executive Director. Ufraction8 develops novel filters to help biomanufacturers to harvest products more efficiently.

Kate Cameron

Kate Cameron, Founder and CEO. Cytochroma provides ethical and sustainable stem cell-derived liver models and assays for the pharmaceutical industry.

Tersha Willis

Tersha Willis, Co-Founder and CEO. Terrible* is a product management company, with a platform and mobile app where artists can make, manage, distribute and sell physical products to their fans online and at shows.
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